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Why Sustainable Bioenergy?

In the countries of East Africa, more than 80% of households are depended on their energy from the biomass such as fuel wood and charcoal. Particularly in rural ares, the option for cooking energy is limited. Unlike many developed countries, East African countries do not have infrastructures such as piped gas. Propane gas is sold in canisters that required transport, and often time only available in towns. Cost of propane gas is not cheap. ‚Äč


Domestic Biogas
Industrial Biogas
Sustainable Biomass


Agriculture and Livestock productions, bosh subsistence and commercial, are the major industry in East Africa. Production and utilization of bio-energy sourced from Agricultural waste are win-win solution in those countries.

Climate Change

Sustainable bioenergy is about cubing climate change and looking for alternative sources of energy that do not affect our globe.

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